Powered Trailer Mover

Powered Trailer Mover Powered Trailer Mover
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Moves Ball, Pintle, or King Pin Trailers
  • Pulls Trailers Up to 50,000 lbs
  • Works great in snow, ice, and grass
  • Battery Powered w/ Varible Speed




The Powered Trailer Mover moves heavy trailers in tight, confined area's, such as a warehouse, maintenance shop, army or navel base, or driveway.  Power Trailer Mover works great for pulling trailers in snow, ice, grass, and any off road conditions.  The lift kit lifts trailer tongues up to 3000 lbs and pulls or pushes trailers with ball, pintle, or king pin connections up to 50,000 lbs.

Features and Specifications

Features and Specifications:

  • Tubular Steel Frame
  • 1500 lb. Differential / Transaxle
  • High Tech Speed Controller
  • Neutral Throttle Braking
  • Adjustable Acceleration/Braking
  • 36v(3) 115 Amp Batteries
  • Variable Speed Twist Grip
  • 0-3 mph Forward/ Reverse
  • Non-Marking Tires
  • Battery Gauge
  • Automatic Charger
  • 16- Hours of Continuous Use Batteries
  • Plenty of Battery Life to Usually Last Two Shifts

Optional Powered Trailer Mover Features

  • Heavy Duty Trailer Power Puller Kit
  • Includes: 6 hp Motor/Transaxle
  • 5th Wheel Trailer Lift Kit
  • King Pin Attachment
  • Foam Filled Tires (Set)
  • Safety Stop Switch and Guard Kit
  • Flashing Light
  • Internal Charger
  • Sealed Batteries
  • Safety Horn



The TrailerCaddy Trailer Mover is less bulky than the traditional product, which results in fewer accidents, lower maintenance costs, and minimal damage to surrounding parts and equipment due to the maneuverability and control the operator has using the TrailerCaddy Powered Trailer Mover in tightly confined areas.

Powered Trailer Mover Dimensions