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Electric Tug

Electric Tug Electric Tug
  • Pulls Carts w/ 4 Swivel Casters
  • Straight Leg in Middle Prevents Fishtailing
  • Moves Carts Up to 20,000 lbs
  • Battery Powered Systems
  • Smooth, Quiet Operations



Elminate cart fishtailing with our CartCaddy4SC Electric Tugs.  This power tug has a straight leg in the middle that is placed towards the back end of the cart.  An Electric Tug can pull carts up to 20,000 lbs.

Features and Specifications

Features and Specifications:

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • 0.3 kW AC Steer Wheel
  • Neutral Throttle Braking
  • Horn
  • 2 (12V) - 42 amp/hr Sealed Batteries
  • Variable Speed thumb Control
  • 0-3 mph Forward/Reverse
  • Non-Marking Tires
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • Internal Automatic Charger
  • 16-Hours of Continuous Battery Use, Plenty of Battery Life to Usually Last Two Shifts

Optional Electric Tug Features

  • Custom Attachments