Motorized Dump Hopper

Motorized Dump Hopper Motorized Dump Hopper
  • Motorized Kit Attaches to Any Hopper
  • Install In Factory or On-site
  • 2 or 3 Battery Systems Available
  • 0-3 MPH Forward/Reverse
  • Charger works with 120/220 Hrz Outlets




Employees who handle waste management in manufacturing and distribution facilities are often required to manually haul thousands of pounds of debris to compactors or waste dumpsters. This type of strenuous physical labor can easily result in serious injuries that require medical treatment or possibly even expensive workers' compensation claims.

The Motorized Dump Hopper is capable of easily handling loads of trash that weigh up to two thousand pounds at speeds of up to three miles per hour. A powered dump hopper can instantly make a job that could have been time consuming and potentially dangerous for a few employees safe for a single employee to tackle on their own.

The motorized dump hopper from DJ Products is powered by 2 or 3 long lasting 12 volt batteries and can easily run for an entire shift without needing recharging. This powered dump hopper will instantly increase the efficiency of factory cleaning and waste management crews and help to dramatically reduce the risk of injury to valuable employees.

Features and Specifications

Features and Specifications:
  1. The Motorized dump hopper is a heavy-duty battery powered tilt truck designed to haul up to 2000 lbs of trash or debris in your facility with just a twist of the handle grips. The motorized dump hopper eliminates the manual pushing of heavy trash containers and increases the efficiency of the disposal process for your business.
  2. Motorized Dump Hopper Applications One of the most common applications of the motorized dump hopper is moving heavy trash and debris used for daily duties in industries like factories, schools and warehouses. When filled with heavy trash, the Motorized Dump Hopper provides the pushing and pulling power that is necessary for easy turning and smooth maneuvering with the motorized cart..
  3. Motorized Dump Hopper Benefits DJ Products motorized dump hopper provides the same benefits to businesses that utilize material handling equipment to move materials, equipment, and products in the workplace. Our motorized dump hoppers are engineered to take the burden off workers bodies and allow materials and equipment to be transported and maneuvered without musculature strain or injury.
  4. Motorized Dump Hopper Features The motorized dump hoppers powerful motor can carry up to 2000 lbs of trash, replacing the need for a lift truck or the manual process of rigorous pushing application. The motorized dump hopper has a variable speed twist grips that allows the operator to travel at speeds of 0-3 mph forward or backward. With its heavy duty, 24-volt motor being powered by two 12v batteries, the powered tilt truck can perform without re-charging for an entire shift. The motorized dump hopper can be customized to any application or any environment and comes in a variety of different sizes.