DJProducts CartCaddy News

1. New Car Pusher for pushing stalled cars, trucks, RV's, and buses.

2. DJProducts introduces small Cart Puller that elminates the pains and strains of pushing or pulling heavy carts food and linen carts.

3. Flatbed, Motorized Cart works well for eleviating the strains on employees manually pushing carts with equipment and supplies.

4. Battery Powered Cart takes the heavy pushing out of moving equipment, parts and supplies up inclines and over carpeted surfaces.

5. DJProducts CartCaddy Dolly Puller has a 5th wheel arm and custom attachment for grabbing any shape or size cart with ease.

6. Heavy Duty CartCaddy Cart Mover is designed to elminate large, bulky fork trucks for pulling carts up to 50,000 lbs.

7. DJProducts introduces Stainless Steel Dolly Pushers for food and clean room enviroments.

8. Battery Powered Trailer Pusher works great for maneuvering ball coupler, pintle hitch, gooseneck or king pin trailers.

9. Prime government contractor uses our TrailerCaddy powered trailer mover with Lift Kit for pulling their large manufactured CANNONS

10. DJProducts Power Movers pulls heavy carts and equipment up to 50,000 lbs

11. New Powered Hand Trucks lifts and maneuvers heavy dies, equipment, loads and test weights.

12. CarCaddy Car and Truck Pushers works great for pushing trucks and Cars down a production assembly line.

13. New Paper Roll Pusher pushes paper rolls in tight areas for the paper industry.

14. Use a Cart Puller for eleviating an injury when pushing hospital beds down hallways over carpeting.

15. DJProducts CartCaddy Shorty Tugger decreases safety concerns while pushing heavy meat carts in food processing plants.

16.  Sound ergonomic programs can oftern delfect workforce crises.

17. CartCaddy Tugs work great for maneuvering door panels into robotic jig fixtures in car manufacturing facilities.

18. How to Recession Proof Your Business: read the article "Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?".

19. DJProducts introduces Dumpster Mover that pushes compacted trash in a dumpster from a compactor room to curb side for trash haulers pick up.

20. Powered Housekeeping Cart removes the over extending of the body from pulling housekeeping supply carts and fresh linen carts in hospitals, hotels, and resorts.

21. DJProducts introduces a Motorized Retrofit Cart Kit that easily connects to any cart with casters, mostly used for housekeeping, linen, foodservice, vending or money carts.

22. DJProducts introduces a heavy duty, joy stick driven Powered Retrofit Cart Kit for the manufacturing industry, mostly commonly used on heavy lumber, window, door, and extrusion carts.

23. Housekeepers and Nurses use the New Powered Dirty Linen Cart for removing safety concerns of pushing heavy soiled and dirty linen carts in hotels, hospitals, casinos and resorts.

24. Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart for removing the stress of transporting clean linens through hallways with inclines and carpeting.

25. DJProducts introduces a Waste Container Puller that removes costly workers' compensation claims when pushing heavy trash containers up inclines to street level for trash removel.

26. New CartCaddy Heavy Duty Chain Drive Cart Mover includes a 5000 lbs hydraulic lift for transferring weight for traction when moving heavy carts up to 50,000 lbs.

27. Motorized Dump Hooper elminates the heavy pushing of trash and debris carts in warehouses, factories, and hospitals.

28. Powered Tilt Truck is a self propelled truck that hauls rubish and trash.

29. DJProducts introduces a Side Steer Powered Cart for hauling long pipes and equipment.

30. Introducing a small electric Aircraft Tug that pulls heavy aircraft from hangars to ramp up to 35,000 lbs.

31. New Side Steer Powered Cart with Joy-stick controls easily maneuvers heavy equipment and supplies.

32. Power Puller is engineered to pull and push carts through confined isleways and doorways.

33. Battery Powered Trailer Mover moves large king pin and goose neck camper trailers in tight, confined driveways and storage warehouses.

34. Powered Mold Cart  remove the manual pulling of mold carts and mold equipment.

35. Introducing a Powered Boat Dolly for pushing heavy boat trailers in confined, tight areas.

36. Motorized Carpet Dolly removes the pains and strains from loading, unloading, and transporting carpet, rugs, and rolled floor coverings.

37. New, Powered Trailer Dolly pushes large equipment, tanker, and OTR trailers.

38. The WagonCaddy Tow Tractor is engineered to haul equipment and supplies from storage area's to production work cells on the manufacturing floor.

39. Walk behind Yard Truck Trailer Spotter elminates bulky tow trucks and tractors from spotting heavy trailers in the shop and around dock areas.

40. WasteCaddy Dumpster Mover removes heavy dumpsters from compactor rooms, up icy inclines, to curb side for garbage hauler pick up.

41. DJProducts battery powered, walk behind Powered OTR Trailer Mover is an inexpensive alternative to a yard dog trailer spotter when moving heavy trailers.

42. New Powered Dolly Mover pulls heavy equipment and supplies by using rolled equipment dollies.

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